Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trendy Topics: Burgundy is the New Black

That's right, burgundy has been chosen as one of the "it" colors for fall. Many fashion designers have been sending multiple garments in their fall collections in this deep shade down the runway. Personally, I'm disappointed. Fashion designers are supposed to be innovative with their work and inspire us. There is absolutely nothing ground breaking about wearing burgundy in fall. In fact, most people would most likely throw on a burgundy sweater or pair of flats in the fall, regardless of it being the "it" color. Counting burgundy as an "it" color for fall is like saying white is the "it" color for summer. It's old news. I think if they were going to count burgundy as a fall trend, they should pair it with another color, such as perhaps a navy blue or mustard yellow.
So am I going to contribute to this trend? Well of course. I would contribute even if it wasn't a trend because burgundy is a staple fall color. I'm sure even people who are unaware of the trend are going to follow it because it is so unoriginal.
I have absolutely nothing against the color burgundy. In fact I think it's a stunning color that I will most likely take on in the form of skinny jeans or a cardigan. The thing that just angers me a bit is that I really look forward to trying out all the new fall trends and being on top of the fashion world, and with trends as bland as this, there really is nothing special to look forward to slipping into this fall.
How do you feel about burgundy being classified as a trend this fall? Does it disappoint you as well?

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