Sunday, August 5, 2012

How-To: Ombre Nails!

What You'll Need: An Applicator sponge and corresponding nail polish colors.
 If you wish to create a "true" ombre look, try to choose 3 different shades of the same color. Depending on how dramatic you want it to look, you can choose colors that are fairly similar or if you want to switch it up, you can start with pink and have it ombre into orange! It's totally up to you! Tip: I have found that if you do the deepest color on the tip, it looks the best if it is a metallic color. It definitely doesn't have to be. I just have found that it adds more dimension and visual interest to the ombre and really makes it look cool!
Step:1 Wet the sponge applicator. Make sure to ring it out afterwards. You just want the sponge to be damp so the nail polish won't completely soak into the sponge!
Step 2:  Open up all of the nail polishes. Although technically this step is not needed, it helps a lot in the process and really speeds things up. You may skip over this step if you like.
Step 3: Using your lightest shade, coat all of your nails and LET THEM DRY COMPLETELY. Initially, I moved onto the next step without waiting and unfortunately I had to restart.

Step 4: Using your medium shade, paint directly onto your sponge applicator. If you accidentally paint too much on, just simply dab it off on a paper towel.
Step 5: LIGHTLY dab the sponge applicator with the nail polish directly on the nail. Dab the color about 3/4 of the way down the nail.
Step 6: Let your nail dry COMPLETELY. Your nails could be ruined if you don't wait!
Step 7: Using the other end of the sponge, paint your darkest shade onto the sponge applicator. Repeat what you did with the medium shade by lightly dabbing on your nail, this time starting more towards the tip. And You're Done! How simple was that?!


I have really been wanting to ombre my nails lately, but for some reason all of the tutorials I tried never worked out quite right or required too much effort. After playing around with different techniques, I think I have finally perfected the easiest way to ombre your nails! I think the outcome is quite nice and the fact that it is so easy to do is a huge plus! I really hope you try out ombre nails because they are so fun for the summer!

Are you going to try out ombre nails? If so, what colors will you use?! I love to hear feedback. If anything in this post did not make sense or was not clear to you, feel free to comment and ask about it! :) I hope this was helpful!

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