Saturday, August 4, 2012

Upcycling: "So Americana!" Jean Vest

Lately, I have been completely entranced by the "Americana" trend. Even the word itself is fun to say! I have seen a lot of Americana inpired jean jackets, shorts and vests at stores like Urban Outfitters and Topshop and can't help but to drool over how wonderful they are. While out thrifting, I stumbled upon a jean vest (for only $2.00!) that was just calling my name! After purchasing the vest a brilliant idea hit me-Why don't I just create my own Americana inspired jean vest! And thus my studded and revamped denim vest was born!

What I Did:
I really wanted to achieve the "worn out" ,"care-free" look for my vest. To do so, I sprayed bleach sporadically over the vest. I think it really added a nice touch. Next, I sewed red and white fabric I had previously purchased that was waiting to be used for a project onto the back pannel of the vest. So Americana! Lastly, to add an edgy vibe, I studded the top panel of the back of the vest and the top of the pocket in the front with various types of pyramid studs. That's it! A fairly simple project that created a new, totally Americana, one-of-a-kind vest! I'm 100% pleased with the outcome! It couldn't have been executed any better (if I do say so myself ). :)

Are you a fan of the Americana trend?

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