Sunday, August 19, 2012

Style Revival: Velvet

FINALLY, velvet is making a comeback. If you too are a velvet enthusiast, then this will be great news. Velvet has been chosen as the fabric for fall, which means you will be seeing it everywhere from Forever 21 to Saks. Woo! I really am excited to incorporate velvet into my wardrobe this fall. I actually plan on buying a pair of velvet combat boots I've has my eye on for quite some time. Because, I mean, whoever thought up the idea of mixing such an elegant fabric with such grungy boots was a GENIUS. Literally, the greatest thing ever. P.s. If you want to get your hands on velvet combats they currently have them at JcPenney. ;)
Some  higher end brands that are supporting velvet this fall is Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen ( My favorite designer in the history of fashion), and Jeffrey Campbell (my favorite shoe designer). But do not fret, if you don't want to spend your whole life savings on a single velvet item (because we all know how expensive McQueen can be), there are PLENTY of affordable alternatives. For example, you can go to Forever 21. However, if you are a thrifty shopper like me and love to hit up local thrift stores like it's your job, this is the PERFECT trend for you. Because velvet is a recycled trend, you can find so many velvet pieces in thrift stores. Given, they may need so TLC (nothing a washing machine, sewing machine, and cozy spot in your closet can't fix).
Possibly the greatest thing about this trend is that it is so versatile. It really can be incorporated with anyones style. For example, if you are into velvet sneakers (which I surprisingly love the style of), they make them! And better yet, THEY MAKE STUDDED PAIRS. Hold the phone, I know what your thinking. You're thinking "What kind of brilliant mastermind thought to mix sneakers, velvet, and studs?" I don't know but is selling them. However, just a warning, they are a bit more on the pricey side. And if velvet sneaks aren't your style, then you can opt for a velvet peplum skirt (so chic), or velvet mary-janes (I honestly can't get over how cute those are.) It really is up to you! However, if you don't like this trend, don't feel the need to conform to it and jump on the bandwagon. After all, this is the Native Nonconformist and I do not encourage you to conform to anything you are opposed to because where is the fun in that? :)


  1. I love the red velvet dress and all of the shoes :) xx

  2. i got a forest green velvet dress at a thrift store this summer!!! so excited to wear it like...every day!

    1. Ahh so jealous! I have yet to get my hands on a velvet dress!