Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Faux Fur and Coral

 Good Evening! Winter is quickly approaching and I really am dreading the arrival of the first snowfall. Although I do not hate snow, it is quite a nuisance when I love to take pictures down by the river.
 This was my outfit from Sunday. It was such a lovely day and I really could not pass up the opportunity to go take some photos. You can't see her, but my puppy, Coco, accompanied me and was sitting behind the camera. She loves rolling in the leaves. :)
 Upon taking pictures, I went to a coffee shop downtown with some very good friends to work on a school project. Although I am not much of a coffee drinker, I did manage to spoil myself with a couple cups of hot chocolate and a really delicious sandwich.
I don't know about everyone else, but I am extremely excited about Black Friday. I haven't shopped in a few weeks for preparation. I plan on going out at midnight. So excited! Hopefully, I will be able to get all of my Christmas shopping completed, so in December I won't have to frantically hunt down gifts.

I will most likely be posting a haul post after black Friday, so stay tuned! Typing "stay tuned" reminded me of playing "Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger"...anyone else obsess over Nancy Drew games? No? No one? Okay.

P.S. If I don't upload a post before, I hope everyone has a spectacular Thanksgiving!
What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Target
Sweater: Old Navy (gift)
Leggings: HUE
Boots: Payless
Watch: Relic
Earrings: Target
Skull Bracelet: Boutique in Chicago
Turquoise Ring: New York
Kate Middleton Replica Ring: Gift
Locket Ring: Icing


  1. So, I LOVE this outfit! I want to go shopping with you!! LOL. Have a great Thanksgiving Fisch:)

    1. Thanks!! Haha shopping yesterday was wosnderful! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too!