Friday, December 7, 2012

The Most Beautiful Music in the World

I find often times, what music you listen to says a lot about your character. What the music I listen to says about me, I'm not quite sure. But, I do know that every song listed here is absolutely stunning and should be given the chance of becoming one of your favorite songs as well. If you are to choose which music video to watch, may I direct you to "Ride" by Lana Del Rey. It is not as much of a music video as it is an artistic compilation of cinematography and poetic words, then followed by the actual song. It really is an experience in itself and it's one that I keep going back to.
Also, I have been absolutely obsessed with Nick Drake. Although he has passed, I think his music has a beauty that transcends time. Literally my favorite 1970s folk artist (next to Vashti Bunyan). If you like Nick Drake, I suggest you listen to his song "Pink Moon" because that is also one of my favorites.

If you have any favorite artists or songs that are similar to these, feel free to let me know! I'm constantly on the hunt for new music.

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